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An interview with Neelmani Bhatia

(Some of the questions we had asked Neelmani, were:
What, in your opinion, is the creative process like?
What would qualify as a 'good poem'?
How are 'winning', 'success', and 'poetry' connected?
Is it really important to read and write poetry?
...and her answers...well, read on and judge for yourself!
They are interesting (sicherlich interessant!)...and, anyone who has
something to say on these queries...*please* send them to me...with a poem
of your choice, your own poem, and anything else that you'd like to share
with the international subscriber base of 'Poetry Splash!')
Neelmani Bhatia comments:
I think an urge stimulated by imagination, observation and experience
gives birth to creative expression which takes form of painting, music or
writing and the writing which withstands the test of time becomes literary
Writing was initially an alternative of speech and it still is. For, what
one wanted to say but could not do so because the listener was not within
the hearing range, man devised writing...a system of inter-communication
by means of written words. Writing not only helps explore oneself but also
express one's thoughts, feelings, sentiments and philosophy to others.
This capability and desire to write makes us social beings, as it's a
means of overcoming isolation. This psychological and aesthetic compulsion
leads one to establish a bond with the outside world. One can write for
money, vanity, fame or satisfaction of creative impulse and relieve
oneself of pent up emotions. Writing frequently reveals to us what we know
and feel or what our real thoughts and emotions are. In Philip Roth's
novella 'Good Bye Columbus' Neil King Man confesses, actually we did not
have the feelings we thought we had, until we spoke them to phrase them
was to invent them and own them.

Poets are basically sentimental and emotional fools. Anybody who
can cry over a dead bird and has command over the language can write a
poem. I cannot exactly say which is my favourite poem as there are so many
which have been written  by human beings but the best one written by God
is River.

As far as the answer to my opinion about winning goes,I think the
answer ,to some extent lies in what I have already said but if you want it
in black ink then its certainly not possible to win where nepotism
prevails and it is also wrong to have competions as far as creativity is

No writer wants to be compared as originality can never be judged.
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