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**The business of poetry...and the salesman!**

By: Arvind Passey

Good poetry, like great sales, is usually a combination of many moments,
many talents, many people and many ideas, all working to create something
richer and deep and more diversified than any one person could achieve on
their own.

I've spent more than 18 years in sales...and I've also been writing poetry
-- lots of it. I believe there is a poet in each one of us, just as there
is a sales intinct in every heart-beat. All we must do is to develop the
right abilities. Three ways are suggested here:
1.  Expand the range of your personal skills.
Every now and then, I still run across someone who has a specific niche or
expertise and that's all they do. In theory, by becoming extremely good at
one thing, they hope to command depth. Sometimes, it even works out that

But for most of us, being able to play more than one instrument means
making more music! Broaden your training. Expand your skills. Keep
learning and adding to the value you bring to your creativity! In short,
don't say: I'll write just limericks, or -- I can't write like William
Empson! Experiment with forms, read poetry from different countries and
from different times.

2.  Combine your talents with other talented people.
There are mergers, partnerships, and alliances everywhere. Why? Well,
because it pays to move together in one decided mutually beneficial
direction. Not to pull anyone down...not to fleece the other of their
share...not to spy and steal...not to trouble and harass! The aim is
simple. The aim is to come out of the well, so to say, and look at the
world, the sky, the forms...all through a variety of eyes! To hear sounds
as percieved by a variety of ears!
Using the Internet, poetry-alliances are possible from all over the world!
The more talents and skills you have with you in your PC, the greater the
chance of writing a poem...and making a sale!
Share your poetry through this e-zine, for a start!

3.  Diversify your presentation.
For me, in my sales career, customers often want to "try before they buy".
They may want a low price-point, or a short-term commitment. They may want
me to go out of my way to help them, or they may want to read my product
literature. Rarely, they are wanting to be taken for granted, for they
want to know I will be around over time.

So, the strength that you may look forward to is to seriously discover
each form in which your emotions can be expressed...and then try to find
out which suits your style best! And there will not be just one or
two...be ready for a large variation of forms to keep working with. That
is a truth that you will surely learn fast.
Have your website -- it can provide many types of information, and many
ways to sample your work.
Connect with poetry. It helps make better people.