....from 'Poetry Splash!' e-zine Issue 014
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By: Arvind Passey

1. Poetry Is People.
If there were no people there would be no action, nothing happening. And
for how long can a poet go on and on with...
This side a wall
That side a wall
There is a hall
Thats all!
Get the point? A poet simply has to get up and go out to interact with
people. Only then can he dream of getting friendly advances from
abstractions. It is people who are at the heart of any sort of poem ever
2. Poetry Is Skill.
Time, money, energy...in fact, any resource that you can think of, will
become a part of the investment that a poet has to make to sharpen his
skill. Like in any business, capability builds confidence, which
translates into performance. To any poet that is what really matters!
3. Poetry Is Standards.
If you are able to recite a poem to yourself without being embarrassed or
confused about its intent, you've passed the first test of this standard
that I'm talking of. Thought articulation, sequence definition,
arrangement of words...these should be the DHARMA of any poet. When you
hear your own poem and smile indulgently at its competence, it is mission
accomplished! In business jargon, the job-specific deliverables have been
concieved and implemented successfully.
One bad poem...and you risk stopping the creative process for long
periods. So don't give yourself second chances. Get it right...hear it
right and remain in love with the creative process.
4. Poetry Is Sustaining.
A good poem is not a one-time thing. The 'people' within you would expect
it to sustain and improve over previous attempts. Poetry writing is a
24-hour business. Even when the lights are switched off, thoughts and
ideas may come tumbling in from all directions...so have the energy and
inclination to get up and get going at odd hours. This is just one of the
ways you'll be able to sustain the 'levels of poetic impulses' within you.
5. Poetry Is Smiling.
Your poem must tell its subject: I care! This care and sincerity in
attitude creates for your poetry what in business lingo is known as 'brand
equity'. This equity must reflect back in positive ways for you 'the
poet'...that way both you and your poetry will smile.
What I am talking of here is the responsiveness that your poetry
generates. if it touches the inner cords of people's hearts, it has
managed to carve the word 'care' everywhere and created a real brand power
for you 'the poet'.