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Inspirational Words on Poetry
Contributed By: Mary E Shanahan

(Sometimes one comes across a phrase, a sentence, an idea, a picture, a
spoken word, a smile, a frown or anything else that has the power to bring
the poet within alive. What will connect is unpredictable.
Just as unpredictable as the times we come across such inspirations. This
time the inspiration came to me by e-mail from America. Mary E. Shanahan
is a poetess & the way she has describes her work as a poetess is an
inspiration in itself.
Her words connected me to poetry. Mary's words will surely connect you all
to poetry.)

"This is how I describe my work:

I am a humanitarian; a lover of mankind.  Hence, the marvel of nature is
the inkwell of my spirit.  I do not tire of wonder and discovery; the raw
inspiration for me as an artist and writer.  My spirit thrives on nature
and man.  I seek the the splendor and turmoil of  the humanrace.

I depict the scenes of everyday life.  Sometimes humorous sometimes
tragic, sometimes sacred sometimes profane, but always the subject of a

Be it divine simplicity or indefinable complexity, the ethereal and the
real are my guide.  Where I am led, curiosity and the plume are at my
side...be it the marketplace or the countryside."

-- Mary E. Shanahan

Here is a part of a poem written by Mary:
This is from a long essay/project I am doing in collaboration w/ a
friend. Copyright 2000.

(then she spoke)

"Do my breasts have luck?"


"Two sullen moons
warmed by the sun's rays,
nurturing spoons
nurturing castaways."


"Silver candelobras,
crystal goblets ladden with wine,
sparkling gems for operas,
pocket watches of an old swine,
things of thieves from house to house
while playing a game of cat and mouse.
So too, have my breasts."


"Two sullen moons
soft from rainy days,
forgiving looms
forgiving fractured ways."

(Thank You Mary...we're sure all our readers will be benefitted from your
inspiring words.)