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An article by Arvind Passey

The regeneration of the land by setting fire to it is an ancient technique
which does not find favour with everyone today. Instead of acres of clones
of worthless weed and a soil that seems to have sagged itself into a
wrinkled and barren existence, one gets renewed release of life! All that
is needed is a scintilla.
A spark.
Leading to a conflagration.
A conflagration that bleeds life from space, time and unproductive DNA.
Spreads progenitivity all around.
All that is needed is a spark.
A spark to create a park!
Of flowers and scents and romance.
And why should so much gore and blood be associated with poetry? Because
it is ideas and forms that get fixed on to your thoughts that need to be
sparked out of existence.
What is needed is a fresh way of looking at things.
You do not have to spread the fire. As I said, a spark is all that is
needed. Fire flies on its own to directions that need it. Fire destroys to
promote creativity.
In objective terms all that is needed is:
~Be aware that the first thought that comes to your mind may seem
brilliant but may already be stale. Put a spark to it.
~Stale thoughts and ideas have a knack to smoulder angrily, but the ashes
will create for you a field that is like no other field.
~Whatever you decide to grow there in whichever way will belong to you as
your thought, your poetry.
~Others will create their own fields out of your thought. When that
happens, you will be pleased.
Happiness is when you recognise the mangled and burnt remains of your
thought in a poem that suggests yet another direction.
Quite possibly you will create another field from....