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'Poetry Splash! E-zine'          Issue **001**
Date : 15 October 1999.
Frequency : Once every 15 days.

Arvind, Sangita, Pushkin Passey
It's time for the first issue. Hope you all like it. (Well actually,
we wish you all fall in love with it.)
Would love to get your feedback.
1. Forms Of Poetry (Lyric-I)
2. ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... (A poem by Pablo Neruda)
3. Poetry In/From India (The 1998 'Poetry Society-India' Competition
4. Your Requests! (We shall wait!)
5. Let Us Connect With Poetry (The most beautiful words!)
6. A Poem For You All -- From Me (A Poem: 'For The E-mailer!')
7. Comments/Ideas/Contributions from Readers (A poem by Phil Prosser, +
           --* Forms Of Poetry *--
::LYRICS - I::
Poetry can exist in many forms. We thought it to be a good idea to start
with LYRICS.
Lyrics are songs. Just as poetry has many forms, lyrics too have their own
classification. In this issue we shall try to identify and define some of
them...there will be more in the next issue.
The ALBA or AUBADE is a love song whose setting is dawn. Sometimes each
stanza ends with the word 'dawn'. John Donne's 'The Rising Sun' is an
A form related to Alba is the REVEILLE.
Wine, women and song were not praised only by the Persians...if you do it
in English poetry, you are writing an ANACRONTICK verse. It consists of
A dance song with an insistent refrain is called a BALLADA.
A CACCIA or a CATCH is a longer Roundelay -- any simple lyric that
utilises a refrain.
The CANSO, CANZO, or CANZONE is a song about beauty and love, for example,
'To His Coy Mistress' by Andrew Marvell. To find the full text of this
poem, click here:
A CHANTEY is a work song sung by sailors.
A DITHYRAMB is a wild song honouring revelry.
(More in next issue.)
 --* ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... *--
Love Sonnet No. 17
--Pablo Neruda (written in 1960)

I do not love you like the salt-rose, topaz
or arrows of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as certain dark things are loved,
Secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom
But carries hidden within itself the scent of those flowers
And thanks to your love darkly in my body
Lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.

I love you without knowing how or when or why or from where
I love you simply without problems or pride
I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving

But this in which there is no I or you,
So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand
So intimate that when I fall asleep, it is your eyes that close.

(This poem was e-mailed to me by Jane Hoya
Thank you, Jane.
         --* Poetry In/From India *--
(This poem got the first prize in the 1998 Poetry Competition conducted by
the Poetry Society (India).
In Santa Cruz, Diagnosed Homesick
-- By : K. Sri Lata
At the gift shop by the wharf
I bought an indigo octopus
all arms...
I, a newcomer to this
out-of-the-way white-hippie town
settle into the sea.
My two-month hostility melts
even as I see what divides me from home
more clearly than I did from my airless plane.
The sea knows ways of connecting too,
fluidly hugging,
in long-armed benevolence,
the puzzle-edges of vast continents.
            --* Your Requests! *--
 ???We shall wait!???
      --* Let Us Connect With Poetry *--
Poetry is a combination of thoughts and words. In this, the first issue,
we give you a list of the most beautiful words in the English language.
This list is taken from 'The Guinness Book of Words'.
The most beautiful words in the language:
melody,    silken,    champagne,    velvet,    willow,    dusk,
gossamer,    mellow,    beloved,    crystal,    lullaby ,   sleep,
autumn,    dawn,    echo,    peace,    shimmer,    magic,
tranquil,    silver,    sorrow,    twilight,    marigold,    love,
murmur,    golden,    mist,    caress,    dream,    darling,
whisper,    blossom,...
If you feel you could add to the list, send the words to us. Let us share
beautiful words!   
    --* A Poem For You All -- From Me *--
(This poem talks of manners on the Net.)

For The E-mailer!
--By: Arvind Passey

Just a thought can make you 'Enter'
A world with you as the center

Though one where barbs will hit, no doubt --
A place where silence too will shout!

But make amends if you reach there,
Make sure you tell them that you care.

That is the way new friends you'll make,
Turn splattered dough to smiles and cake!

Think twice before hitting 'Enter'
Your world with you as the center

Will always not leave you to send
Apologies, you'll have no friend!

Comments, Ideas, Contributions from Readers

Dear All in a continent far far away
I've joined your list
            since you insist
                    to ignore it would be rude
I've made a dash
            to join the splash
                    I couldn't be a prude
I've been so bold
            I won't be told
                    I hope I wasn't rash
I've not sat long
            honing my song
                    I only hope you think......
                                might just be a
(We thank Phil Prosser for
this lovely poem. Very encouraging.)
Thank you Phil.
(There is poetry in ASCII too!)
         O__,     O__,    
     \    / poetry      / 
(Send your contribution!
Let them sail
on e-mail
to me, my work-station!)
...Arvind Passey. 
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Rhyme away your time!

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