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---------------------------------------------- 'Poetry Splash! E-zine' Issue **002** Date : 30 October 1999. Frequency : Once every 15 days.
Arvind, Sangita, & Pushkin Passey
What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music. (Søren Kierkegaard) We are free to agree or disagree with Kierkegaard's concept, but one thing is true: Poetry IS beautiful music. Poetry is a music that has the power to blend its notes into any aspect of our lives and change it...give it the right direction. When I say 'blend its notes into any aspect of our lives' I mean it could be anything from salesmanship to brinksmanship, from management to anarchy, from politics to religion, from A to Z... Poetry has the power to enter the micropores of structured and unstructured thoughts and entities, with its focus on just one thing: to show them that only poetry can lead them out of their unending traps to a site near that ultimate site, where they can begin their search again! Thats it! As simple as that. Poetry doesn't kick the ball into the goal-post for you. Poetry lets you do it. Poetry fetches you from the deeps to the 'D'. We are sure some of our readers would love to share their creative output with others who subscribe this e-zine. Send them to us. We would also welcome any new perspective on poetry...maybe someone would like to write of some perceived connection between poetry and salesmanship, so to say. We shall wait for your e-mails!
Have a nice time going through this issue.
1. Forms Of Poetry (Lyric-II)
2. ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... (A 'fusion' poem by John Updike)
3. Poetry In/From India (Prayer -- a poem by *thats a surprise*)
4. Your Requests! (A Motivational Poem!)
5. Let Us Connect With Poetry (Poetry and the Art of Living Well.)
6. A Poem For You All -- From Me ('The loss is on both sides of the
7. Comments/Ideas/Contributions from Readers (Menon writes + Kalika's
           --* Forms Of Poetry *--
Poetry can exist in many forms. We had identified some forms in which
lyrics can exist to entertain us.
Lyrics are songs. Just as poetry has many forms, lyrics too have their own
classification. In this issue we shall try to identify and define some
more of them...
Any simple lyric meant to be sung can be called a DITTY.
A serious lyric meditation , often on the subject of death would be an
ELEGY. Other more intense lyrics of lamentation are the CORONACH, DIRGE,
A marital elegy or a wedding song is an EPITHALAMINM. Originally it was
written in three movements or strophes. The first part was to be sung at
the chamber door of the newly-wed and urged them to get on with 'it'...the
words and the way it was sung were designed to muffle any sound of this
meeting (or should I call it 'mating'?). The second strophe was intended
as a fresh invitation after a well-deserved break! The third movement,
sung in the morning, congratulated the couple on their performances and
asked them to have restraint until evening.
A meditative lyric on the same subject is called a PROTHALAMIUM.
The LAMENT is a song of complaint.
A modern form of complaint is defined by the word: BLUES.
The LAY  is a short narrative song-- not to be confused with the French
LAI, which is a set form.
A lyric concerning love and meant to be sung is called a MADRIGAL. This
form has two separate sub-types. The MADSONG and the NONSENSE VERSE.
MOCK BALLAD is a lyric form of which 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll is a
fair example.
A song of praise to the gods is a PAEAN.
A PANEGYRIC or ENCOMINM praises men.
The ROMANCE is a verse tale whose subject matter concerns chivalry or
A ROUNDELAY is any simple lyric that utilizes a refrain. A set form was
invented by John Dryden.
A RUNE is an Anglo-Saxon incantation.
Lastly, the SERENADE is like the aubade, except that its setting is the
evening. "She Walks In Beauty Like The Night" by Lord George Gordon Byron
is a standard example.
...That brings us to an end to the types of lyrics.
 --* ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... *--
In the introductory/editorial note above I have talked about 'fusion'
being an essential part of the creative process. What better than
illustrating the concept with a lovely poem. This poem is on atomic
particles and is written by John Updike.
(Every second hundreds of billions of these neutrinos pass through each
square inch of our bodies, coming from above during the day and from below
at night, when the sun is shining on the other side of the earth!
-- From 'An Explanatory Statement of Elementary Particle Physics', by M A
Ruderman and A H Rosenfeld, in 'American Scientist'.)
Neutrinos, they are very small.
 They have no charge and have no mass
And do not interact at all.
The earth is just a silly ball
 To them, through which they simply pass,
Like dustmaids down a dusty hall
 Or photons through a sheet of glass.
 They snub the most exquisite gas,
Ignore the most substantial wall
 Cold-shoulder steel and sounding brass,
Insult the stallion in his stall
 And, scorning barriers of class,
Infiltrate you and me! Like tall
And painless guillotines, they fall
 Down through our heads into the grass.
At night, they enter at Nepal
 And pierce the lover and his lass
>From underneath the bed -- you call
 It was wonderful; I call it crass.
(From 'The Faber Book of Science' edited by John Carey)
         --* Poetry In/From India *--
This poem is written by TASLIMA NASREEN long before she became known to
the Western world. She is from Bangladesh...and this country was a part of
India before partition in 1947. :-)
I'm also getting covered with snow-flakes,
Like grass, trees and houses
Come to my rescue, warmth!
I'm also getting covered with inky darkness
Like the birds, the sky and the ocean
Come to my rescue, light!
It is my heart only
Filled with fire
That rescues me.
(Translated from Bangla by Tapati Chowdhurie)
            --* Your Requests! *--
This little poem was sent by my friend Sameer Advani 
( a request that this e-zine should take care of motivation of the self too through poetry. Well said! ...and thanks for your concern, Sameer. This, in fact, is what I have been saying throughout this issue -- fusion of all areas of life with poetry! Sameer found this poem somewhere on the net and retrieved it for us.
When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my 
first painting on the refrigerator, and I wanted to 
paint another one.
When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you feed a 
stray cat, and I thought it was good to be kind to 
When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make my 
favorite cake for me, and I knew that little things 
are special things.
When you thought I wasn't looking I heard you say a 
prayer, and I believed there is a God I could always 
talk to.
When you thought I wasn't looking, I felt you kiss 
me goodnight, and I felt loved.
When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw that you 
cared and I wanted to be everything that I could be.
When you thought I wasn't looking, I looked and wanted 
to say thanks for all the things I saw when you thought 
I wasn't looking.
      --* Let Us Connect With Poetry *--
As I mentioned in the editorial note, poetry has the power to connect with
just about anything and cause a movement, whatever be its speed at the
start, towards a positive, productive and a proactive evolution. To back
this little concept, I have a few quotations for you in this issue. The
keywords are: Poetry. Connect. Fusion. Positive. Evolution. Proactive.
Satisfaction. Catharsis. Soothing....
>>>"The system of healing and feeling good has been practised in India
from time immemorial in our temples by reciting bhajans, in our bathrooms
by singing while bathing, or during mushairas and get-togethers, in urban,
rural and tribal settings. Upgrading one's moral and psychological profile
thus has been a part of the Indian culture. The West has after due
research begun to treat reading poetry as a method of self-healing."
-- H K Kaul.
>>>"Poetry evokes, involves and provokes. It opens up vistas of feeling
and heals through catharsis."
-- Arthur Lerner.
>>>"I feel bad, I am afraid etc are negative thoughts and self-suggestions
that can be countered by the use of poetry. The rhythm and pattern of a
poem, whether it rhymes or not has a soothing emotional effect -- like
rocking a baby."
-- Dr Cynthia Whissel.
>>>"Sometimes even one word is enough to open a window on a new view of
the world, to start the mind on an inner journey."
-- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
Note: All readers are requested to send in comments, quotes, or whatever
that would speak of the way poetry connects with our lives.
    --* A Poem For You All -- From Me *--
Note: This poem is on the futility of war...and is obviously connecting
itself with what happened at Kargil. What is more important is that the
poem talks of not just the relationship between two countries but the
words and thoughts within this poem would be true for any relationship.
They are no more
And yet they are.
They are with us.
They are because they were
There where the bullets flew.
They've added all
Their days to be --
We have them now!
They took the test, we passed.
Their maths now rhymes our mimes.
They stood as shields
On tops and fields.
They fell to clutch
Just one more inch of land.
Their feet that inched to get
All that was ours.
All that is ours.
They've lost their hours
Of being with those they love.
Our hours are saved, not gained.
So many smiles,
Romantic words,
Worlds where eyes met --
All that is lost from here
And there across the line!
--Arvind Passey
Comments, Ideas, Contributions from Readers
(Menon from sent this comment & poem for us that we
share this fortnight...
"...just saw your website... pretty cool I must say
So check this one out too, my friend with words...")
Travelling through space and time
I saw your site
Sitting with poise and matter
Browsing into your mind eye's
I realize with a smile
That you and I
Share this love
For words draped like fragrance
Around the aroma of the mind's horizon
Reminding you of the summer
When winters' here
And that all things are so
As I buzz out of your world
And remember to write you
Another traveller in time.
>>>Lovely words Menon. Thanks!
(There is poetry in ASCII too!)
On 07 November is the Indian Festival of Lights -- Deepavali. We have for
you a 'poetic representation in ASCII' of this festival that was sent to
us by Kalika Bali ( )in an e-mail on 19-10-1998!
Poetry Lasts A Long Time!
                S  H  U  B  H  A    D  E  E  P  A  V  A  L  I
                S  H  U  B  H  A    D  E  E  P  A  V  A  L  I
                                                  o o
                                                 o   o
                                                o     o
                                               o   o   o
                                              o   o o   o
                                             o   o   o   o
                                             o   o   o   o
                                             o    o o    o
                                              o         o
                                               o       o
                                                o     o
                 oo                                 o
                 oO                                 o
                   oR                           oo
                     oY                      oo
                       oo                  oo
                                    * *
                                    * *
                                  \     /
                            *        *        *
                           * *      * *      * *
                            *        *        *
                           * *      * *      * *
                           * *      * *      * *
                            *        *        *
                         \     /  \     /  \     /
                          `---'    `---'    `---'
                *           *        *        *           *
               * *         * *      * *      * *         * *
               * *         * *      * *      * *         * *
                *           *        *        *           *
                \ P   /  \ O   /  \  E  /  \ M   /  \  S  /
                `---'    `---'    `---'    `---'    `---'
    '||''|.                                                     '||   ||
     ||   ||    ....    ....  ... ...   ....   .... ...  ....    ||  ...
     ||    || .|...|| .|...||  ||'  || '' .||   '|.  |  '' .||   ||   ||
     ||    || ||      ||       ||    | .|' ||    '|.|   .|' ||   ||   ||
     ||    || .|...|| .|...||  ||'  || '' .||   '|.  |  '' .||   ||   ||
     ||    || ||      ||       ||    | .|' ||    '|.|   .|' ||   ||   ||
    .||...|'   '|...'  '|...'  ||...'  '|..'|'    '|    '|..'|' .||. .||.
    ''''''''' ''''''' ''''''' ''''     ''''''' '''''''' ''''''' '''' ''''
(Send your contribution!
Let them sail
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to me, my work-station!)
...Arvind Passey.  
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