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'Poetry Splash! E-zine'          Issue **005**
Date : 15 December 1999
Frequency : Once every 15 days

Arvind, Sangita, Pushkin Passey
1. Forms Of Poetry (Spatials)
2. ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... (A John Whitworth)
3. Poetry In/From India (A poem in Urdu by Nida Fazli)
4. Your Requests! (None)
5. Let Us Connect With Poetry (On Audio-books)
6. A Poem For You All -- From Me (My Little Secret)
7. Comments, Ideas, Contributions from Readers (The magic of poetry in
An evening without poetry is like a day without a dawn.
You have the option to read...or to listen...whichever way you prefer, do
caress and fondle a bit of poetry each day! It has the power to strengthen
all that we are in reality. It can make you yearn! This is what Carol Ann
Duffy learnt as she wrote:
'Only tonight
I am happy and sad
like a child
who stood at the end of summer
and dipped a net
in a green erotic pond.'
Remember: God designed distance; poetry worded us closer. It is also not
necessary to be able to write poetry to be friendly to its powers. Reading
poetry is inevitable; writing one is optional.
To be able to enjoy reading poetry, we have a lovely aid in the shops.
*Audio-books!* They do catalyse the comprehension and appreciation of
poetry and its soul. They can work as tasters for longer durations with
poetry, they do teach us how to listen for the lilt in poems, for the
rhythms, for the twinkle of truth behind the simple words....! We have
given a small list of fascinating audio-books on poetry in one of the
sections of this e-zine.
And, welcome to all new subscribers this last 15 days!  Welcome to our
new friends, and thanks to each of you who passes this e-zine to others.
Your forwarding 'Poetry Splash!' to friends is how we grow.  Thank You!
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Scroll down and have a great time with poetry!
           --* Forms Of Poetry *--
A poem has the power to change the way you look at things...and SPATIALS
give a poem the power to look the way it believes it should, on paper.
Thus, typography is important in Spatial poetry or Spatial prosody.
Types of Spatials:
1. Calligramme (Shaped stanza, Hieroglyphic verse).
2. Concrete Poem.
The Calligramme is just like any other poem...except that it has a shape
in its stanzas. There can be negative and positive shaping.'Positive
shaping utilizes the words and negative shaping, the spaces.'(Walter
Idiogrammic spatials are nothing but Concrete Poetry. For instance, in
Japanese the characters for 'rain' might be arranged on the page so that
they look like rain falling. At the bottom of the picture, there might be
the character for 'house'; thus, the characters for rain are falling
pictorially on the character for house. In an alphabetical language like
English, Concrete Poetry is more difficult to write.
An example of a Calligramme:
Fame's a pillar here, at last, we set,
 Out -- during marble, brass, or jet,
     Charmed  and  enchanted  so
      As to withstand the blow
        Of violent overthrow
         Nor shall the seas,
            Or outrages
         Of storms, overbear
           What we uprear,
         Tho kingdoms fall,
       This pillar never shall
      Decline or waste at all;
   But stand for ever by its own
 Firm and well-fixed  foundation.
(A poem by Robert Herrick)
 --* ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... *--
(Andrew Motion is the Poet Laureate, UK since May 1999. Such appointments
always attract a lot of everything...from this to that, from boot to pat,
from smile to slime...John Whitworth has done his bit by composing a
sonnet that is delectable from every angle.
Read it. Enjoy it. Preserve it.)
-- John Whitworth.
When the Nation's professionate were searching for a laureate
(The grand chams & the little chams all cogitating hard),
Down the corridors of power, growing stronger by the hour,
Came the notion: ANDREW MOTION, he's the business, he's the bard.
Elegaic-epic-lyric, dithyrambical satiric,
Macaronic-catatonic, he's your feller, he's your man,
As the critics cut up rougher & the going's getting tougher,
Andy's handy, send for Andy, he can do it, yes he can.
Andy's handy, send for Andy, he's the vintage, he's the brandy,
Other poets (don't you know it?) are the smallest of small beer,
Mad 'uns, sad 'uns, bad 'uns, funny 'uns, only Andy knows his onions,
Po-confessor's his profession, he's the sage of souvenir.
At the ministry of leisure Andy steams to do your pleasure,
He's your poet by Appointment -- stanzas cut & made to measure.
(From 'Poetry Review' Summer '99.)
         --* Poetry In/From India *--
(India is land of many languages. Urdu is one them. The recent newspapers
have been talking of the poetess Kamla Das having embraced Islam...and so
here is a poem by Nida Fazli. It has been translated from Urdu. This poem
was initially published in 'The Poetry Journal of the Poetry Society,
It's never-ending distance
That parts us
It's no beginning
No ending
Only journey's agony
And gasping breath
You exist nowhere
Nor do I anywhere.
It's a quest
A blurring whim
The caravans all over
The perennial distance agonising
Is the quest
The prayer to the Lord.
            --* Your Requests! *--
 None! (Though Anil Anikhindi and Neelmani Bhatia have promised some
superb reading for us all.)
      --* Let Us Connect With Poetry *--
"I tried to get in touch with my inner child but he isn't allowed to talk
to strangers." I don't remember where I read this line but it surely tells
us one important fact: Whoever is unable to connect with this inner child
in a way known to him, must find other ways to do it. It is important.
This inner child is the poetry that transfers the mundane to a beauty
called *life*.
One way that I can suggest is to try and listen to poetry until you are
ready to sit down and read your way to a creative existence.
There are a lot of 'Poetry Audio-books' available in the market. I have a
few with me in my collection. There was a list of another three mentioned
in the 'Poetry Review' (Summer 1999). The suggested talking books are:
* Poetry recitation by Simon Armitage, Kathleen Jamie, Jackie Kay, and
Glyn Maxwell. ISBN 1 85224 468 3. Bloodaxe.
* Poetry recitation by Fleur Adcock, Carol Ann Duffy, Carol Rumers, and
Selima Hill. ISBN 1 85224 469 0. Bloodaxe.
* Poetry recitation by James Fenton, Tony Morison, Peter Reading, and
Smith. ISBN 1 85224 470 4. Bloodaxe.
* Dylan Thomas reading his poetry. ISBN 0 00 104677 2. Harper Collins.
* The Poetry of Keats. Read by Sir Ralph Richardson. ISBN 0 00 104729 9.
Harper Collins.
* John Keats. Poets for Pleasure. Read by Douglas Hodge.
ISBN 1 85998 205 0. Hodder Headline.
* Penguin English Verse. Vols 1-6. Penguin Audiobooks.
* Poems on the Underground. ISBN 0 304 34571 7. Cassel Audiobooks.
* John Betjeman. Poetry from the BBC Archives. ISBN 0 563 39312 2. BBC
Radio Collection.
Hope this suggestion helps you all in connecting with poetry and with life.
    --* A Poem For You All -- From Me *--
(As I have admitted earlier, one of the prime aims of this e-zine is to
make you all fall in love with poetry and make you all awaken the poet
within you. This poem is all about this act of falling in love...a line
read here, a word uttered, some stanza whispered, a poem remembered...and
a poet is born!
As simple as that!)
isn't it funny how just a nod
or simply a few words mumbled
will form an unseen bond
that on new paths makes you trod?
and however rebellious you are
or think you are --
that strange sensation of
a first glance
a cursory touch
always keeps coming back to you
until you admit that
you're in love.
--Arvind Passey
Comments, Ideas, Contributions from Readers
There is poetry in ASCII!
(The ASCII designs in this issue are by Joan Stark
More can found at the ASCII Art Gallery at )
Poetry Splash has magic moments
That take you all from here to there
In it is love, and lots of care
For joy there cannot be patents!
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