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(This Issue of Poetry Splash has some gems from Neelmani Bhatia)
'Poetry Splash! E-zine'          Issue **007**
Date : 20 January 2000
Frequency : Once every 15 days.

Arvind, Sangita, Pushkin Passey
1. Forms Of Poetry (Quatrain)
2. ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... ('Sing Song' by Rita Dove)
3. Poetry In/From India ('Surrender' by Neelmani Bhatia)
4. Your Requests! (Poetry competitions!)
5. Let Us Connect With Poetry (Neelmani Bhatia's analysis)
6. A Poem For You All -- From Me (A poem on the Y2K bug!)
7. Comments, Ideas, Contributions from Readers (On Neelmani!)
There are three facts I'd like to start with:
1. In this, the first issue of 'Poetry Splash!' in the Year 2000 there is
a poem on Y2K too. You'll love reading it.
2. This issue has an analysis of poetry by Neelmani Bhatia and a poem that
will delight, though she herself admits that 'the best one written by God
is River'.
3. We now have a subscriber base that includes all continents!
Very recently, the Global Writers' Ink -- a biweekly newsletter for
writers, mentioned 'Poetry Splash!' in their newsletter. This is what they
had to say:
This is a fascinating site dedicated to the poetry scene in
India.  Besides information on Indian poets and poetry, it also
offers links to a number of British poetry webzines and publishers,
poetry competitions, poetry for kids, and other poetry sites.
Global Writers' Ink is a biweekly newsletter for writers, and is
available by subscription only.  Subscribers are asked to refrain
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articles are copyrighted by their authors.  For more information,
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Global Writers' Ink is part of INKSPOT, a web resource for
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We are sure you would love what 'Inkspot' has to offer.
We'd also like to announce that the Poetry Splash! site is now re-loaded
in a way that it opens in less than 15 seconds! We have also added a
little referral system on the index is a fascinating little code
that you all will fall in love with. More pages are soon going to be
added. So do keep in touch with the site too!
Scroll down and have a great time with poetry!
           --* Forms Of Poetry *--
(In the previous issues of 'Poetry Splash! we have talked about Lyrics,
The Octave, Ottava Rima, and Spatials. If any of the new subscribers wish
to refer to any of these topics, they can either click on the
Archives-link at the poetry splash site or e-mail me and I would gladly
forward that issue.)
If you have 4 lines that are linked in thought or idea, you already have a
Quatrain with you! They need not have meter and line-length, and they need
not necessarily be rhymed. But remember, even without these attributes,
what they must have is that intangible quality called rhythm...that
something that the reader's mind calls poetry!
Such stanzas can be:
*Envelope Stanza...with a rhyme scheme abba.
*In Memoriam iambic tetrameter Envelope Stanza.
*Redondila...Octosyllabic Quatrain rhyming abba, abab, or aabb. This is a
Spanish form.
*Italian Quatrain...Envelope Stanza in iambic pentameter.
*Italian Octave...the Italian Stanza doubled! This form is used in the
Italian Sonnet. The Italian Quatrain is a form of Heroic Stanza.
*Sicilian Quatrain...Same as the Italian Octave, except that it rhymes
abab. Doubled, it becomes the Sicilian Octave.
There are many other poetry forms that use the Quatrain concept...we will
talk about them in later issues.
 --* ...The Delectable, Memorable Poem... *--
(Here is this lovely poem by Rita Dove...the sort of poem that any poet
would love reading.)
When I was young, the moon spoke in riddles
and the stars rhymed. I was a new toy
waiting for my owner to pick me up.
When I was young, I ran the day to his knees.
There were trees to swing on, crickets for capture.
I was narrowly sweet, infinitely cruel,
tongued in honey and coddled in milk,
sunburned and silvery and scabbed like a colt.
And the world was already old.
And I was older than I am today.
--A poem by Rita Dove. Published in 'Poetry Review', spring 1998.
         --* Poetry In/From India *--
(A poem by Neelmani Bhatia)


Still, erect and emotionless as toy soldier
Cleverly camouflaging dislike by pride and charm
Sell the soul
to buy a roof over the head.

Consummate marriage with the dead
to satisfy the yearning carnal desire
Lose your self
to become what others want you to be.
Give them what they aspire
without defining yourself in terms of personal need
So that you don't encircle yourself in boundaries
which leads to despondency.

Everything that's worth having
is some trouble
Take the bull by its horns
assiduously exercised
it won't enter the China Shop
to break your virginal dreams
For they are fragile, easily broken
as it is rare to find some one
who handles them with care.

            --* Your Requests! *--
Here is something most of you will love. Once again we have for you
information on a few poetry competitions. In addition, we also give you
the web link of Poetry Society (UK).
The website of the Poetry Society (England) offers links to
poetry sites around the world, plus information on placements for
poets (e.g., residencies), education projects, writing tips,
poetry webzines, and more.
Open to: All
Genre: Poetry
Subject/theme: Open
Length: Sequences and long poems especially welcome
Prizes: 1st 250; 2nd 150; 3rd 100; plus publication
Fee: None
Deadline: January 1, 2000
E-mail entries: No
Contact: Dr. Peter Thomas, Scintilla Poetry Competition,
ENCP-English, University of Wales, Cardiff, P.O. Box 94,
Cardiff CF1 3XB, Wales
Open to: All
Genre: Poetry
Length: 1,300 words maximum, in "traditional Australian form"
(e.g., Lawson, Ogilvie, Paterson)
Prizes: 1st - Bronze statuette of The Swagman, designed and
sculptured by Daphne Mayo ($2,500 Aust. value), plus a
Winton Boulder Opal ($250 value)
Fee: $5 for 1-3 entries (limit of five entries on each form)
Deadline: January 31, 2000
E-mail entries: No
Contact: The Secretary, Vision Winton Inc., P.O. Box 44, Winton
QLD Australia 4735; ph. +61 (74) 657-1502;
fax +61 (74) 657-1322
...and to top it all, here are lines to motivate you in Y2K!


Sweep away the clouds from the old year.
Scrub the mildew of regret off your skin
and remove the paint of disappointment
from the walls of your heart.

Stand and shine.

Let the world see how
wonderful you really are.

2000 Terri McPherson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

      --* Let Us Connect With Poetry *--
(Some of the questions we had asked Neelmani, were:
What, in your opinion, is the creative process like?
What would qualify as a 'good poem'?
How are 'winning', 'success', and 'poetry' connected?
Is it really important to read and write poetry?
...and her answers...well, read on and judge for yourself!
They are interesting (sicherlich interessant!)...and, anyone who has
something to say on these queries...*please* send them to me...with a poem
of your choice, your own poem, and anything else that you'd like to share
with the international subscriber base of 'Poetry Splash!')
Neelmani Bhatia comments:
I think an urge stimulated by imagination, observation and experience
gives birth to creative expression which takes form of painting, music or
writing and the writing which withstands the test of time becomes literary
Writing was initially an alternative of speech and it still is. For, what
one wanted to say but could not do so because the listener was not within
the hearing range, man devised writing...a system of inter-communication
by means of written words. Writing not only helps explore oneself but also
express one's thoughts, feelings, sentiments and philosophy to others.
This capability and desire to write makes us social beings, as it's a
means of overcoming isolation. This psychological and aesthetic compulsion
leads one to establish a bond with the outside world. One can write for
money, vanity, fame or satisfaction of creative impulse and relieve
oneself of pent up emotions. Writing frequently reveals to us what we know
and feel or what our real thoughts and emotions are. In Philip Roth's
novella 'Good Bye Columbus' Neil King Man confesses, actually we did not
have the feelings we thought we had, until we spoke them to phrase them
was to invent them and own them.

Poets are basically sentimental and emotional fools. Anybody who
can cry over a dead bird and has command over the language can write a
poem. I cannot exactly say which is my favourite poem as there are so many
which have been written  by human beings but the best one written by God
is River.

As far as the answer to my opinion about winning goes,I think the
answer ,to some extent lies in what I have already said but if you want it
in black ink then its certainly not possible to win where nepotism
prevails and it is also wrong to have competions as far as creativity is

No writer wants to be compared as originality can never be judged.

    --* A Poem For You All -- From Me *--

(A poem by Arvind Passey)

One smile, another, and some more
Will reveal as we reach the core
For none would ever have to pay
For damages by Y2K!

A bug decoded, all things done,
No stress to click so, therefore, fun
Is programmed and is on the cards:
This year is surely for the Bards!

There will be rhymes with mimes around
For fun with words, no fines astound.
Webbed lives to network one and all
No bits or bytes to bite or stall.

Grammar glamour with dots, and slashed
Rhymes redefining will be flashed
Such URLs will win the sash:
A dot and com and Poetry-Splash!

So let us all forget the doom
And mug the bug, and broom the boom
And give the worthy our best prize:
Lets pair a poet with surprise!

There’s always life as new years dawn
Though fears may slaughter, bugs may spawn
When down and low, when you are slow:
Be on your marks, get set, then go!

Comments, Ideas, Contributions from Readers

~Bio Data~
Neelmani Bhatia
101, Vaishali
Delhi 110 034
Ph: 91-11-7435331, 7132185

Educational Qualifications:
Higher Secondary from Queen Mary's School, Delhi.
B.A. English (Hons.) from Miranda House, University of Delhi.
M.A. English from Hindu College, University of Delhi.
Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from Faculty of Management
Studies, University of Delhi
Post Graduate Diploma in Administrative Management from Faculty of
Management Studies, University of Delhi.
Diploma in Creative Writing from Indira Gandhi National Open University.
Certificate Course in Spanish Language from the Department of Foreign
Studies, University of Delhi.
Certificate Course in PRO and Advertising from Institute of Mass
Certificate Course in Journalism from Institute of Mass Communication.

Counsellor to MBA (HRD) students at Indira Gandhi
National Open University for the last nine years.
Part time Lecturer in Communication and English language in Polytechnics
run by the Delhi Administration.

Written and published two novels in English, 20 short-stories and more
than 50 articles/middles in various National newspapers and
magazines viz. The Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Statesman, The
Pioneer, Femina, Women and Children, etc.

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