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Should poetry be on the net?


The net, a trap for this and that
Not mere bodies --
Instincts are the things to look for.
Flashes, instants, insights
Soaring and boring flights
Inner and outer fights --
All these in a net
Yet not netted
To enter
To leave
For wherever
To fall for
To fall in
To howl, hail, and heal
Never to sleep
Ready to reach
Thats poetry
But more than that
Thats poetry on the net!

(A poem by Arvind Passey)

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"I liked reading the poems that one normally only hears about. I haven't come across these poems in a single anthology. Liked reading your poems too. Yes, I agree that poetry on the net is a reality that will not allow us to escape unaffected."

Sameer Advani (

"Visited your site. Great site. Thanks for telling me about it. I'll pass the word around to poetry enthusiasts"

Vijay Nagaswami (

"Good work....! I am not good in english...but you to might like my Poetry and short story web pages @ it isin Gujarati....but still....just ...."


"I hope that all is well in India. I've just had a look at your web site and think that it's excellent!"

Andrew Borrot (

"Your poetry page is fascinating! Here's my invitation to you to visit our small poetry project that we have developed at Sonar Tari (named after a wonderful poem by Rabindranath Tagore). We aim to develop a database of translations of poems from different Indian languages to English."

Arindam Basu (

"I've had a quick browse through your poetry website. It looks very good."

Benjamin Micklewright (

"Your site is looking wonderful! I can tell you are putting a lot of work into it. My suggestion is to keep up the great work. :) Let me know if you are ever interested in exchanging links."

Tracee (

"Your site was done very well. It is good to see someone so into poetry as you have shown in your site. The poems were good and may have been chosen by the BBC as top 10 but there is a common note of melancholy... Why not include also some poems aith a theme and a message but delivered with aplomb, appeal and humor?! I could help you out there. I have a few personal favourites, too. Your info bank about the competitions also was quite impressive... I have been chosen as a winner in the American Poetry Competition too...but they asked for some money to be ABLE to publish me in the American Anthology... something I could not afford in dollars! It would be good to include this kind of inside stuff on some of the competes, too. It would atleast prepare our fellow Indians for the Good, The bad and the Ugly! All the best to you. Nice to hear from you.

Nidhi (

"I liked your Poetry Splash too. I just created a link to your Poetry Splash today."

Abhijit Nag (

I was really surprised to note that Pablo Neruda's Love sonnet,Number17,written in the year 1960 has not been included in the top 10 love poems of the last half century.Will somebody please tell the BBC?
In case you haven't read it,it goes as follows:

I do not love you like the salt-rose,topaz
or arrows of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as certain dark things are loved,
Secretly,between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that doesn't bloom
But carries hidden within itself the scent of those flowers
And thanks to your love darkly in my body
Lives the dense fragrance that rises from the earth.

I love you without knowing how or when or why or from where
I love you simply without problems or pride
I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving

But this in which there is no I or you,
So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand
So intimate that when I fall asleep ,it is your eyes that close.


I've just dashed it off from there may be some mistakes in the punctuation.

Jane Hoya (


Dr. Vipin Gupta (

"hi arvind, i really enjoyed your site..its really aesthetic and i love some of the poems there. esp like some of your poems before 1980.. i love poetry, but cant write any...i loved poetry at school, now i wish i had all the time in the world read read more poetry. maybe you will appreciate that dance is poetry in motion...well, bharata natyam is my passion..."

"2nd half of my message...keep up your page..its great! one of the best sites i've seen (for my kind of personality..i dont like (actually i HATE) those silly bollywood sites that most desis have on the net, altho i do admire their efforts! ok, i have written enough..and i will stop before i get too mean about things like that!! take care..."

Sangeeta Matu (

"great pages!"

Phil Prosser (

"Lots of stuff about the poetry scene in India. Sachidanandan was my english professor in collge before he moved to Delhi. It was nice to read his analysis of Indian poetry scene"

Seby Varghese

"Hi Pushkin, Sangita & Arvind, You are pages looks quite nice and professional. All the best & keep in touch Sasi P.S: I have come back to see your web pages, when a friend of mine in India saw my name referred in your pages! See the world is so small."

Sasi (

"Hey... ur page loox pretty nice, dudette. :) love, dawn :)"

Dawn (

"Arvind -- I was very interested by your examples of raga & your explanations. I hope you'll find Lit Online to your liking. Thank you. -- M."

M. Alexander (

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