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This site encourages you to not just browse poems written by other poets, but also asks you to contribute your own stuff... Poetry Links - Planet Comedy UK - Poetry Links at- Planet Comedy. Humour. McGough, Cooper Clarke, Luff, Hegle... This is a fabulous example of a poetry e-zine that is the result of the labours of John Tranta from Australia. This site has important and interesting links to poetry journals and poetry homepages. Meet your types...or rather, search them out. I found this site to be a really cool site to search poets and poetry from this part of the world. You can even contribute your works to them.

In case of any genuine and relevant query, e-mail at this address...and you will surely not just get a reply, but also incentive to remain permanently in love with poetry! Poems for the Moment Andrew's Poems for the Moment. Poems that have some meaning to me at this moment in my life. Read about a dragon, performing rockets, feeling blue, the... Shakespeare: Hamlet; Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Poems and Quotations for Advent, Christmas, New Year's and Epiphany. Mostly popular writers of the '50's and '60's with a Wreath of Acknowledged... Pam Brown's page...a poetry page that is recommended by none other than the Poetry Review people. A small poetry project that they have developed at Sonar Tari (named after a wonderful poem by Rabindranath Tagore). Their aim is to develop a database of translations of poems from different Indian languages to English. A few poems and a short story by ZAZI but they are in Gujrati Good poetry. This site has limericks on Rotary and rotarians, computers, Indian Politics and politicians, News items (daily headlines) etc. Gena's Poetry site A writer and a poet would find this site
invaluable A well-designed NRI site for Indians. It has elements that would interest poets anywhere in the world. The official web-site of Katha. It's presence on the internet enables Indian writers and translators to get a global exposure. A site filled with poems by Sarah Gotadoro. Also included are some short stories, some sigs and a section all about Sarah. Mindings: The Poetry of Philip G. Bell 'Poetry Master' -- Dan Masterson's poetry site
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