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(The red-dot fields are mandatory) The site provides an excellent service for poets around the world, worth the visit! also, if you follow the links to other pages here, most of these are poetry based. TimeShadow : Shadow Poetry Carlyle Miller's 'The Zone...' `doc's 'This heartless WORLD's Poetry Pages' Vihang Naik's Poetry Journal Sandra Hendricks : Common Sense by Alan W. Goodson poems and me : ANUJA Know me : The life and times of Anand Sankar Sengupta Antwian M. Crawford : The Underground Poets Society Dana's Scrappy's studios Chewly's Haiku Garden Gabrielle's Videre Some poetry speaks here and a whole library lies at Pathetic Poets' Society. There's even a virtual trail ride. Limericks and short lines by Slava Meskhi. English, Russian and Georgian languages. Personal Journal of Asian inspired verse; haiku, tanka, haibun, haiga, sijo, imayo, rengay, renku, ren-forms, experimental, etc.; Also childrens' pages. Site of the portuguese-canadian poet and editor of filling Station, a canadian literary magazine. the best one coca cola ou safi mada wa iga raya hahahahah This site contains whatever you want to know about islam, arabic music. Selected poems from Irish poet O'Dea's first collection.
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