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Falling To A New Life

Dear leaf, why do you quiver
Before your fall to touch the ground?
You have no eyes, but the distance
Should be clear through waves of sound.

No fall's forever, no fall is false,
No fall will ever end it all.
Your distance done, some new begun --
Your fall is but a beckon, call.

With every fall you take a step
In the midst of more unknown
That you must taste, then the world
Shall brave the path you have shown.

A fall then is like a treasure
Travelling blind, trapped in your lap.
Dear leaf, do you then quiver
Like a new-born in some lap?
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City Lights

Silent. Like the silence of my image
My son would want to carry with him.

Talkative and always telling something --
Yet not drowning thoughts inside his mind.

City lights, as you seem to me travelling
Through the grave weight of this created chaos,

You reveal and yet you tell me nothing,
You toothless history of philosophies!

I can watch lips ... pans flying ...
Policemen running ... an old couple sitting. In silence,

But passion, temper, frantic agony, zeal
Are always up to me to create.

And how much. And for how long. I am
Fertilizing mere chaos. My image remains silent.
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Environmental Mutations In A Poet

'Think ahead', said my mother and friends,
Management gurus, father, and some books.

But 'ahead' was only a short stretch
That ended with a bend and went on.

Always that small stretch, a familiar bend ...
'Ahead' somehow was ever so far away.

Dreams are just beyond the bend and then
There would be that long stretch, endless joy.

'Never look back' -- an echo in my mind.
I always did, and life shrank --

No bends there and paths did seem to end,
Though down a slope -- near, but out of reach.

I do not know when, but I started walking
Backwards. Vantage advantage, visibility

And the romance of analysing the past ...
Why think ahead? Backwards, dreams are vast.

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