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Poems Written before 1980

...and I won't be lonely!

Sometimes, when I'm not so busy
When I'm not working
When I'm relaxing
I think!
I contemplate
What my life would have been
If you were here
If you sat by my side
If you talked to me
If you laughed with me
If you cried with me
And suddenly I'm lonely
I feel lost in this thick mist
This impregnable fog
That your absence has created.
You are the very embodiment
Of light itself --
Why don't you come
And lead me out
So that I may sit
By your side
Imbibing the beauty
The charm
Of your countenance
Of the way you talk
Of the way you laugh
Of the way you cry
And then
I'll never ever be lonely!
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I am still a fool

Again and again I saw her face
A face that no face could face!
I dreamt of her, I thought of her
She dwelt upon my mind.

I passed my school but was still a fool!
I came to college, she came with me.
Her big round eyes with the shiny black hair,
Such a beautiful they made a pair.

The girls stared and boys stood still
The moment my arms went 'round her nek!
Then somebody from some corner whistled,
She ran, and in a moment was a speck.

My eyes did smart and tears rolled out --
The boys and girls, when they laughed loud.
I could not understand, I could not bear,
How my little puppy had left me there!
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The Path

and fore imagination
together make up life!
Seen is the path
all tattered and torn
with patches behind
and the patches remind
of the tattered and torn!
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squatting on my bed
i can clearly see
the vast expance of land
lying waste
and i'm sad!
a boy appears from nowhere
and following him, so many more...
they yell, they laugh,
they jump with joy
and the vast expance of land
waste no longer seems
...and i'm over-joyed!
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In this world we live
we speak, we hear
we laugh and play the whole day long
but still we have some unknown fear!
We have time for odes
and for lively songs
for the word called love
and the abominable hate
for the joys of being early
and the jitters of being late!
all this we experience in this big wide world
but peace of mind lies forever curled!

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